Meet Joe

Joe White of Get Life Coaching and Sales Gorilla has a passion for helping people be better.  Why?  Because he's knows what it really means not to be okay.  In addition, Joe helps his clients with that thing all of us dread...SALES!

Truth is, you need both professional AND personal development aspects to grow your business, and that's the special sauce that makes Joe so successful!

The Episode

Joe knows a thing or five about failure and falling down.  But that means he also knows a million things about getting back up.

In this episode, Joe will talk about his time in addiction and recovery, his losses and why he kept going.

(Don't miss the rapid fire questions at the end - it's pretty wild and Joe totally won it!)

Joe's Resources

  • Audio Books

  • Be a student!

  • Find ways to use other parts of your brain, especially creativity!


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