2.4 "Acting" Like A Business Owner 

Meet Stephanie

Stephanie is a professionally trained opera singer and performer.  As such, going on stage, being stressed, and performing at a high level anyway comes second nature.

Through her business, Stephanie Ann Ball Consulting, she helps business owners and entrepreneurs perform at their best and reach their goals faster!

The Episode

As a business owner, you're going to hear "no" a lot and you'll often be confronted with people how don't value your talent or product. It sucks and it doesn't feel good.

And in the course of hearing "no", you'll also come across those people who will kick you in the gut while you're already down...and sometimes *those* people are your best teachers!

On this episode of The Successfully Screwed Podcast, we talk to High Performance Specialist, Stephanie Ball of Stephanie Ann Ball Consulting, who tells us about her big NO moment on stage, and how she used her skills as a performer and professionally trained concert artist to overcome rejection in the the business world!

Also, Ashley's cat needs a hug. If you can help, email her!

Julie's Resources

  • A Planner!

  • Journaling

  • Morning and Evening Routines

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