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2.6 From Genius to Devil 

Meet Jack

A graduate of the School of Hard Knocks, AND the School of Never Giving Up, H. Jack Miller is the founder of Gelt Financial, a private commerical lender.

By all measures, Jack is a success, both personally and professionally...but he's no stranger to failure, so whatever he says about it - LISTEN and TAKE NOTES!

Jack is passionate about helping business owners grow, and he's also an awesome advocate for mental health.

He's also the host of the Down to Business Podcast, where he talks about all things business and pop culture (and if you're a watcher of "90 Day Finace", you'll want to add it to your list!

The Episode

Remember the financial disaster of 2008? Jack Miller, President of Gelt Financial does. He remembers it well, because, prior to the economic downturn, he bought a bank.

Yes. He bought a bank right before a huge economic crisis. 

The ramifications of that were devastating – not just financially – it affected every aspect of his life. He even tried to make it work for a few years, which probably made it worse.

Listen in and learn about what it took for Jack to survive and rebuild his business and reputation, and how it actually helps him be even more passionate about helping businesses grow and get the credit they need to do that.  (And yes, this involved crying on the sofa for a while...something all entrepreneurs can related to!)

Jack's Resources

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