BONUS EPISODE: Young. Not So Dumb. And Breaking the Mold. 

Meet Justin

Justin Nguyen is a Finance major at the University of Central Florida, which is great, but it's early foray into entrepreneurship with his company, GetChoGrindUp and podcasting, as co-host of Young & D.U.M.B. that will serve him the most.

One of Justin's many goals is to prove that millenials are NOT the lazy, unmotivated kids that employers portray them to me BUT they realize that the old ways of go to college, get good grades, get a good job may not be the path to follow these days, and is driven to show what alternatives exist for his generation to succeed (and employ the rest of us!)

The Episode

Dear Parents,

You, especially need to listen to this episode.  In doing so, though, you need to be open minded enough to actually HEAR what young Justin is saying to you...because he's not wrong.

The traditional college experience isn't for everyone these days.  The job market is different.  Your children need to learn to adapt, before they are strapped with 6 figure debt and very low job prospects at the edge of 21.

Like we said.  Listen with openmindedness.

Jusin's Resources

  • The Internet!  (Google is your friend!)

  • Books (Justin's latest read is School of Greatness)

  • Instagram DMs - It all goes down in there!

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