The Show

If you're a business owner, you know the definition of hard work...frustration, second-guessing, impostor syndrome....

And then you look around on social media or on CNBC and the success of others and you wonder, "Damn - when will that happen for me?  WILL it happen for me? What am I doing wrong?!?!"

(Psst...........everyone says that!)

Now, there are lots of other podcasts out there that are positively  motivational.  Those are cool, because they give you that warm, fuzzy, woohoo feeling.  And that can be really wonderful...but the Successfully Screwed Podcast takes a different approach to kicking you in the pants in an attempt to motivate you to hang in there and keep grinding!

We talk about the f*ck-ups....and how successful entrepreneurs overcome them, because that is it's own kind of motivation!

Each week, we will get into it and have a deep meaningful business conversation with a successful business owner, who, probably more than once, made a bad decision, fell down, fucked it up and then got back up and turned it around!  You get to tune in, cringe along with us, maybe snicker a little bit (that's were the Schadenfreude part comes in - it's okay!), apply some lessons to your own business, and yes, get inspired to keep going!

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